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Fearfully made

Welcome to The Growth Garden, where seeds of social-emotional learning and professional development are nurtured to flourish. This space is a resource hub to help cultivate your potential in a supportive environment, where each step forward is a bloom of personal and professional growth. Explore our professional development program for educators, Culture Cultivators, designed to foster a culture of growth and development in schools or youth organizations. Additionally, our Bloom Academy offers small groups to create a nurturing space for kids and teens to cultivate essential emotional management skills for their blossoming futures.


Culture Cultivators are professional development training sessions to learn how to establish cultures of openness, positivity, engagement, and more, fostering environments where every child can flourish. Organizations can choose from sessions or something can be curated to be tailor made for the programs’ needs.

Bloom Academy is a place where children + teens blossom through social-emotional learning sessions led by Jamita Brown. We offer Tier 2 small groups sessions for K-12 students.  Join us to develop essential emotional management skills and navigate life's challenges with confidence. 


If you're interested in partnering with Jamita Brown guest speaking, professional development, social emotional development lessons for K-8, or scheduling a virtual or in-person read-aloud visit, don't hesitate to reach out! We're excited to collaborate with you and bring engaging storytelling and valuable insights to your audience. Let's create impactful experiences together!

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